Sunday, 21 August 2016

How ads hurt user experience?

Sometime back, I was watching an interview of Sachin Bansal and the question was about enhancement of user experience.
He said something like this,
We keep our eyes and ears on the ground and listen to users to enhance his/her experience.
It intrigued me and I started thinking, what if you are very early stage startup and you don’t have any user to tell you what they want. Evidently, Flipkart has more than 50 million users, but what about other cases?
In such cases, listening to your competitor’s user can do the trick to enhance user experience and Google Play is one the best source to understand the user’s requirements in your field.
After reading a plethora of reviews on the Google play, I found that most of app sucks because of intrusive advertising. These ads have a detrimental effect on user experience.
Hence, as a pilot project, I built an Ad Free Music Player with an elegant user interface and beautiful design packed with all the features. Some of the features are unique in nature like,
  • Auto adjustment of equalizer settings based on song type for better sound quality 
  • Easily share songs, artist, genre and album on Facebook
  • Filter out short clips
  • Theme selection (Default theme and Pokemon Go theme)
PS: I love to hear your valuable suggestions in the comment selection below

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