This is my Quora answer to Why do Indian parents not support entrepreneurship? It answers, why should we stop playing blame game to promote entrepreneurship in India and realize dream of startup India and standup India!!   
If a person is 18+
You got voting right to choose prime minister and chief ministers, why can’t you choose your career! So stop blaming your parents for your failure. If you cannot convince your parents, then
How will you convince your demanding customers?
How will you convince your unforgiving investors?
How will you convince someone to work for you with no salary?
Parents are only two individuals who cares most about you. If you cannot make compelling case for yourself to convince your parents then I am afraid, you cannot convince anyone.
Everything has an expiry date including this blame game. So you better stop this shit!!
What do you think if you were born in the United States, you will get revelation from somewhere and transform into Steve Jobs?
In US, around sixty thousand companies get incorporated every year whereas in India this number is only six thousand. It makes India, by default, less competitive.Why not take advantage of such less competition and huge opportunity rather make hue and cry about it?
Narayana Murthy built Infosys, when it used to take 3 years to get phone connection and 5 years to get a computer. It is not the ecosystem but individuals make great entrepreneur.
If a person is 18-
Enjoy your childhood man. You are not even eligible to incorporate your company. Why so serious at this age. Go and enjoy your childhood.
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