Sunday, 22 May 2016

The problem of a startup co-founder with conferences!

I would like to share my pain, agony and disappointment, as a startup co-founder, with regards to conferences organized by various forums like VCcircle. In a nutshell, the purposes of such events are as follows.
  1. To foster and promote entrepreneurship in the country.
  2. An opportunity for everyone to learn from seasoned VCs, successful entrepreneur or an expert in any particular field.
  3. Provide a platform to incumbent entrepreneur to grow their network, especially among investor circle.
So far so good. But the problem starts with an exorbitant registration fee that they charge (I am not saying all but many) in some cases INR 12000 per person. Think about it! If there are three persons in the founding team and all of them want to attend then you have to spend 36000 rupees just for one-day conference. How difficult it is for a startup which is bootstrapping?
I can understand that there is no free lunch and someone has to pay the bill. But
  1. Why someone need to organize such events in 5 star hotels?
  2. Why can’t our respected VCs and successful entrepreneurs compromise for one day?
  3. Why can’t we have any alternative source to fund such activity like sponsorship?
  4. Why do we have to subsidize, our respected chief guest, when they can afford it very easily?
It is very important to create a conducive ecosystem where startups can flourish and such forum play very critical role in achieving it. I can only hope that the organizers will take it in a positive spirit and start thinking in entrepreneur’s perspective. Let us not bar an entrepreneur from entering a room which is made for him. 
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